Hy, How Are You?

Proudly Introducing Hybrid Tonic: Our Story

So….we’ve got this exciting brand in a category so new that most people haven’t even heard of it, yet. Why and how did we get here? 

How Hybrid Tonic got here

We’re one of the biggest, most award-winning breweries in NY. A few years back, we began developing our non-alcoholic “Safety Glasses” brews. These were inspired by the demand for better beer alternatives from customers in our home market (and beyond!) and we’re very happy to say that they’ve resonated with non-alcohol drinkers everywhere ever since. 

And, importantly, we also made them for ourselves. Our team is made of all kinds of people living unique lives, and it’s just not always the right time for alcohol. As with our beers, we hold all our products to seriously high standards and (through a lot of trial and error) we’ve become very good at brewing them. Along the way, we’ve had to invest significantly in equipment that’s necessary to safely make non-alc drinks. Equipment that almost no other producers are lucky enough to have, as a matter of fact!  

Why the expansion to cannabis beverages?

The exclusive tools we have at our disposal allow us to make so much more than just beer, so we next set out to become the first brewery in New York State licensed to produce hemp-derived cannabis beverages. After an entire year marked by a tremendous amount of work on health & safety, research & development and training & compliance by our amazing team- we did it, and we are just so proud of the brand that came out of that journey, hybrid tonic. 

At its heart, hybrid is exactly what it sounds like- a drink that combines a few of our favorite things into something great that didn’t exist before. We start with the world’s finest hops and delicious natural fruit flavors, and then we add 5mg each of THC and CBD to each can. It’s also noteworthy for what we don’t add. It has:

  • ZERO calories
  • ZERO sugar
  • ZERO gluten
  • ZERO alcohol

It’s extensively tested for safety and accurate dosing, so you know exactly what you’re getting, every time.

Hybrid is a truly unique, mildly intoxicating product that we believe is one of the best alcohol alternatives available anywhere, and we are stoked to share it with the world!

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